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Home Insulation Solutions

Insulated panel roofing is fast becoming a popular choice for households wanting the ability to enjoy their outdoor entertaining area in comfort all year round. It reduces heat from above on hot days to make outdoor living more comfortable during times of extremes, as often experienced in the Australian climate.

The insulated panels provide a roof, insulation and ceiling like feature all in one product with various design options and an impressive span of up to 8.2 meters!


  • Assists in cooling your home therefore reducing energy costs
  • Reduces noise of heavy rain
  • Impressive span of up to 8.2 meters reducing the number of beams and frame work required
  • Inbuilt rebates to conceal wiring for lighting and fans


Design Options

  • Ceiling profile options available
  • 3 standard insulated panel thicknesses available to suit the climate and span design requirements
  • Insulated rating options (R Values)
    • 50mm thick panel = 1.6
    • 75mm thick panel = 2.2
    • 100mm thick panel = 2.8